4 Reasons Why You Should Join the Coldwell Banker Preferred Team

Goal-driven. Service-oriented. Eager to learn. If you have those qualities and are looking to further your real estate career, then we’d love to tell you a little more about what we have to offer at Coldwell Banker Preferred.

From providing educational opportunities to offering the latest technology, here are just a few of the benefits that come with being a member of our skilled real estate team. Interested in learning more? We’re always just a phone call away.

One-on-One Training

A person pointing at a laptop during a training session.

Everyone has a different style of learning, and we totally understand that—that’s why we tailor our training program to each individual and their needs. As we move through the program, we’ll break down everything from Agent Marketing to Paperwork & Documents to Listing Presentations. Along the way, we’ll check in with you to make sure we’re taking things at the right speed and answering any and all of your questions.

In the end, the most important thing is that you feel confident and prepared to take on the real estate world, so we’ll make sure that happens!

The Newest Technology

A man sitting on a couch and working on his laptop.

From social media marketing to customer relationship management systems, the Coldwell Banker Preferred Team is constantly pushing to stay on top of the latest advancements. Here are just a few examples of what we have to offer:

  • Access to listing, selling, prospecting, and networking tools through our comprehensive CB Exchange Portal.
  • The Zap platform, an integrated, end-to-end solution that provides you with a branded website, a CRM, transaction management, and digital marketing, all in one place.
  • CirclePix, a service that offers tools for managing your social media and print media.

Interested in learning what other technology we equip our agents with? Check out a more in-depth list here!

Education from Industry Professionals

A group of real estate professionals at a meeting.

At Coldwell Banker Preferred, we think it’s vital to learn from one another. That’s why we regularly host classes and conferences taught by some of the leading professionals in their respective industries.

For example, the AMP! (Achieve Maximum Productivity) Training is a four-week program that focuses on boosting your productivity in order to gain more leads. The CB Field Marketing Webinars are hosted almost every single day by the marketing team and are filled with helpful pointers on boosting your presence. And Coldwell Banker University® offers both online and in-person courses on everything from property taxes and mortgage to social media ethics.

A Tight-Knit Atmosphere

Two women talking in a training session.

The training, technology, and education are all obviously highlights, but one of the best parts of working with CB Preferred? The team atmosphere. It’s the perfect mix of independence and collaboration, and thanks to our rich curriculum of programs and training, it’s easy to get to know the rest of the team.

Whether you’re joining the New Agent Resource Group or catching up on the latest updates at the monthly meeting, it’s our priority to make sharing the knowledge and skills of one another as accessible as possible.

Looking for a Career Change?

If you’re interested in joining a team that’s focused on your person and professional growth, then we’d love to tell you more about what Coldwell Banker Preferred has to offer.

Browse a few of our resources to learn more about the technology, education, and benefits of joining, and give us a call if you think you might be interested—we can’t wait to chat about the details!

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